Indian Corn harvest begining


I’ve been starting to harvest some of my Indian Corn. A couple weeks back i had to figure out how to keep the red squirrels from eating it. My solution was to spread a bunch of cayenne pepper and some onion powder all over the stalks. It seems to have worked. The squirrels haven’t bothered my corn since.

This one is a bit disappointing, however still quite interesting at the same time. I don’t claim to understand corn genetics very well, but i wasn’t expecting any yellow kernels. I specifically sorted out all the yellow and white seeds before i planted them. I actually planted mostly purple seeds. I planted the corn mostly to try and recreate a completely purple stalk of corn i got the first time i planted indian corn.

This year i didnt get any fully purple stalks, however did get a few that were close. I suspect the corn genetics work in groups of four instead of the usual two as in humans. But, like i said before any yellow kernels were surprising. Even though i dont think the color of the kernels has anything to do with the color of the stalks, this particular corn cob came from a completely green stalk that i had castrated. (i didn’t want any green stalks to fertilize any nearby purple-ish stalks.

next time i plant the indian corn i expect to get fully purple stalks. I suspect good soil, and lots of water help contribute to the purpling. The first batch i grew was well watered and in fresh cow manure.

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