October 24th, 2009


I successfully  installed OSX86 onto my external hard drive. It boots off usb on my netbook. not sure if it will work on other systems. It’s pretty useless though, since it doesent have internet or sound or any good programs. Otherwise it probably would fun to play with.

My Bioscience boost class has been going well. I think i only have 2 weeks left. This week focused on Team Work. It was extremely useful and helpful. Most of it i could relate back to robotics, and knew if i had known these strategies that the robotics club would have been way more on task and everyone would have gotten along better.

I miss some of my friends, but it’s okay. Im getting things worked out for college. I’ve pretty much figured out the classes i need to take my freshman year. CHEM-111, CHEM112, MATH-160, LIFE-102, CO, CHEM-113, CHEM-114, MATH-161, PH-141. Whether i meet all the prerequisites is another matter 😀

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