Windows sharing successful!!!

Okay, so not sure if i mentioned it before or not, but i have an old computer (P3 w/ 320mb ram) that i have converted into my test server. It currently already runs an HTTP apache2 website server. and a VNC server for remote connection.

I never had any computer experience with setting up/maintaining server type stuff before. But, since i got my netbook and my free P4 computer i figured what the hell.

It runs on Ubuntu Linux version 8.10 at the moment. I think ubuntu is a great operating system, but especially for a server! It never will get viruses, it has access to thousands of free/open source applications, and can automatically update itself. Three things a dream version of WindowsXP would have :-).

Anyway, so this weekend i dabbled in Samba/SMB (windows file sharing). I wanted to have a nice server at home to hold space for my backups, and wanted the experience by the time i go to CSU. I dont know if i will need/want to set up my own server at CSU for anything, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

Here’s the info for editing the samba configuration in “etc/samba/smb.conf”

workgroup = SCROOGE

#   server string = Samba Server %v

security = share
(this tells it when you want to set up shares without passwords)
#security = user
(this tells it when you want to set up shares with passwords and users)

#you can only pick one though 🙂

(this one works great for shares when you dont want passwords prompted and let everyone access to it)

#path = /home/andrew/test
#valid users = test2 andrew smbuser
#available = yes
#writable = yes
#browsable = yes
#guest ok = yes
#guest only = yes
#guest account = smbuser

(this one should work both ways)

path = /home/andrew/sb
#valid users = Barney andrew
#username = Barney
available = yes
writable = yes
browsable = yes
guest ok = yes
guest only = yes
#guest account = Barney

but, if you dabble in passwords it turns out you have to issue the following command to set users up on the linux machine, otherwise they”wont exist” and you will get “permission denied” errors.

sudo useradd -g users Barney
sudo smbpasswd -a Barney

and dont forget to check the folder permissions either, or you will also get “permission denied” errors even when everything else works.

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