Progress on my Robot Speed Controller

Speed Controller Prototype
Speed Controller Prototype

I’ve made some major progress on my open source robot motor speed controller. I never thought i would get around to finishing it. But, now im really close to having a finished and robust design. And even better, it’s an arduino based design that fits within 3″x3″ cubed designed with all through hole parts. This view is the top board. There is a bottom board to maximise part room, but minimise footprint on a hypothetical robot.

I ordered a prototype from BatchPCB, and should be receiving in about a month. Once i get that i can fix any schematic errors, and finish the arduino wiring and get a simple program going. I hope to eventually get a good design together, so that a lower cost alternative to the VEX and Jaguar and other speed controllers can be offered. Maybe even start my own online kit sales, or get a cool company like Sparkfun Electronics to offer them.

you can follow the progress being made at the following forum:

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