did some research on corn genetics

So, i found a cool website today. Actually i had found it before, but today i figured out how to actually use it. Anyway, i did some research about the purple genes I’ve observed the last two times i planted indian corn. This a photo that is really close to what i got the very first time i planted it. A fully purple con stalk is extremely rare even in Indian corn.

Apparently according to my research, to get a fully purple corn requires the combination of at least two genes called B1 and Pl1. And you would want full expression of each of those, so you would want 2 copies of each making it a homozygous cross. Which is hard by itself.

I also found out the white striping I’ve observed in some may be because of a gene called j1. Purple pollen requires a gene called r1-r, and a cool alternating arrow striping variety (which i don’t have) is caused by a gene called zb4.



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