xyzzy motor controller design flaw… grrrr….

grrr……. well….  uhh…

I got my prototype board today. Thanks to BatchPCB i actually got three for the price of one. Cool, but….. besides the two or three errors that were on it when i ordered it…. there’s one major design error…..  Apparently the mosfet i used were P-channel ones. Dang… Eagle Cad i hate you right now. It really wasnt my fault, because eagle cad did say it was an N-channel mosfet. I double checked now. Unfortunately if you do properties on the parts they say P-channel. ugghhh..

Well, i did find out the 12V LED works. haha. Oh, and i made some traces bigger, because on the v.0.0 prototype the traces for 12v were tiny and actually burned up. It was pretty cool to watch, but the smell of death was bad. Yeah, i know… this is what breadboards are for. Oh, well.

I’ve progressed to Revison #9. Hopefully #9 is the lucky number and any revisions after this will only be for added features.

EDIT: I found another, but more managable flaw. You will need to add an op-amp to reverse the input signal to the HIP4081A. This reversion opamp can be seen in the HIP4081A typical application part of the datasheet. Put it between your microcontroller chip and the input of the HIP4081A.

Edit #2: /successful-xyzzy-motor-controller-prototype/

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