The Secret of El Dorado – Charcoal Enriched Soil

The Secret of El Dorado | Watch Free Documentary Online

I’m getting excited about growing my Purple-Maroon Indian corn again this year. I watched a cool documentary today. I learned there was a huge civilization that flourished in an area that is largely uninhabited now. And the average amazon soil is a yellowish soil that is not good for growing crops. So, the secret they were able to grow such good crops was that they would use charcoal to enrich their soil. I’ve got to try it on my corn this year. I’m also gonna put in a soaker hose irrigation system.

EDIT: Okay i’ve learned a lot since i last posted this. I’ve learned that the “black gold” they talk about in the documentary isn’t just charcoal, but it’s full of organic matter and microorganisms. I did try the charcoal on my corn, and it did help a little. The reason charcoal helps is because it’s a carbon source. All living things on earth need certain elements to build DNA. Carbon is a big one that is needed. Adding sugar to your soil might do the same thing, but it would need to be broken down by microorganisms before the plants could use it. Compost tea is an interesting way to culture bacteria to recycle organic matter and put it into a form that plants can use.

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