DeVeDe – DVD Ripping, and DVD creation

Have you ever wanted to copy a movie someone gave you? Or maybe turn one of your home movies into a DVD to give to someone? We’ll, im going to give a quick mention to two very useful, and equally very free programs.

The first one, and probably the one i use more is called “DeVeDe”. It’s a completely  open source and free program that is fantastic. It gives you the option of “importing” various video formats, converting them and adding a DVD menu, before packaging it all into a nice DVD .ISO file ready to burn. I often select the menu option to automatically play the movie, since i usually have no use for menus. It should be noted that it has a bug when estimating the size of AVI files. You usually can go up to 200% full when working with .avi files, before the 4.2GB DVD is full. When working with .FLV files, 100% is probably full.

The second is called “AcidRip” or “AcidRip DVD Ripper”. It’s really cool. It allows you to take any movie (even encypted ones if you have libdvdcss2 installed) and Rip it into .Avi format onto the computer.

I just added subtitles to my first movie today. I used AcidRip to rip a copy of Gattaca to .AVI format, and then included the (already translated) Esperanto subtitle .STL file in the Devede program. Now i have a copy of Gattaca DVD with esperanto subtitles.

Of course… AcidRip has an option to rip the english (or whatever) subtitles into an .STL file when Ripping it from a DVD. So, in theory you could rip subtitles, translate, and then re-encode into DVD .ISO format.

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