New Nettop Multimedia computer?

I bought myself a “Nettop”, or as it says on the box… a “netbox”. haha

Foxconn NT-510-A-B-A-NA

Anyway, i found it on newegg, and thought it was cool.

But, i found out they just had a sale, so you could get it with 2GB memory for only $120. I was going to buy it for the 169 price, but once i learned about the sale, i got kindof annoyed. So…I bought one from ebay for 120. The problem is, i still had to buy ram and a 2.5″ SATA hard drive for it though…. dang.

But, they should be coming soon, and i can potentially turn this into a multimedia computer, and watch HULU and stuff. I will be using a Linux distro. Probably Ubuntu. I also found this cool DVD burner thing, that’s supposed to go with it.

VD100 DVD Combo

It’s smaller than a Wii… Holy crap. I plan to install the HULU desktop client. Dont know how things will turn out, but it’s something fun to play with.

EDIT: Okay, I got everything installed and working. I also bought the DVD thing too. Installed SATA drive, and 2gb memory. I installed Ubuntu 10.04, and it’s pretty cool. I had to update the system to get wireless working though. I installed the Hulu desktop client, but it’s super slow trying to use this over a VNC connection. I think i will need to invest in some sort of bluetooth remote and keyboard to be able to have a satisfiable media center. Otherwise it’s an awesome and extremely quiet computer.  …hmmm… maybe experiment with a lighter ubuntu based distro?

7 thoughts on “New Nettop Multimedia computer?

  1. Hello. I bought the NT-510 and installed Ubuntu 10.04. The VGA outputs only up to 800×600 (actually 832xsomething). Do you have VGA working?
    Thank you for any insights,

  2. no. Mine only seems to support 800×600 out of the box on 10.04 too. I will probably eventually look into trying to reconfigure manually. But, not today. Please tell me if you happen to get yours working better before i do.

    …maybe trying to update the BIOS might help???

  3. Argh, I did try various updates, and maybe they were necessary, but finally I discovered the problem was not that. In the Preferences -> Monitors application, the “mirror” option was checked i.e. “both” monitors show the same thing. That means the HDMI and the VGA output. Never mind that I had nothing connected to the HDMI port. Once I wised up and un-checked that box, I could turn off the “laptop” output (that’s the HDMI) and turn on the external monitor and set its resolution to 1280×1024 (which is the max resolution that particular monitor supports). Then it was all peachy. Hope that works for you too.

    1. It performed pretty well. Although, I’m not sure i like the interface for the hulu desktop. But, like i said before… I didn’t have a local keyboard or mouse (or remote) hooked up to this thing, so it was SUPER slow using it over VNC. I think it worked decent when i hooked up a usb mouse, but i still would probably want a minimum ubuntu installation. I think there were some processes in the background that slowed it down a little. Videos played fine though. I would recommend using it with a wireless N router though. I used a G router, and only a few times did it need to buffer.

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