Esperanto word mixup today

So, I’ve been working on translating the game Penumbra Overture into Esperanto.

Unfortunately, i had a word mixup that really confused me. I was looking for the word “gunpowder”, and i thought it said the EO equivalent was “pluvo”. But, the word “pluvo” means “rain”. And you cant have two words with that much difference mean the same thing. So, i went off trying to figure of other ways of translating gunpowder.

I thought “Pluvoro” was supposed to be powder. I was confused as why. Because the rootword “oro” means “gold”.

These are all the words i considered. The prefix “paf” means shoot or gun. The suffix “pasto” means dough. “eksplodenzo” means explosion (substance). “faruno” means flour.


….maybe paffaruno?

I finally figured out i read it wrong. Gunpowder is “Pulvo” and Rain is “Pluvo”. See how they can easily get confused? I finally decided to use Pafpulvoro (shootingpowder). Hopefully that will prevent anyone playing the game from thinking it’s “rain”. Oh, and the -oro attached the the back of “powder” doesent mean gold. It means “pulverised substance”. Yeah, pulvoro is any powder.

5 thoughts on “Esperanto word mixup today

  1. I think you might still have it mixed up. I looked up several references including the Reta Vortaro, and I would say that gun powder is “pulvo” and any pulverized substance “powder” is “pulvoro.”

  2. eble mi skribus: pluvo kaj pulvo,
    sed mi trovis la vorton “pluvoro” – tre belan.
    pluvgutoj de oro = hard rain

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