The most disgusting plant on the whole planet is cilantro!!!

Why do i hate this plant so much?? …well… For one everytime i go to enjoy a meal that someone has decided to put this plant into… my food tastes like soap and everytime i take another bite the taste intensifies until i can’t stand it any longer and literally want throw the food on the ground and stomp on it.

Some of you may be thinking “wow, this guy is nuts…”, and you very well could be correct, but my hatred against cilantro is shared by many people, and even may be justified by genetics.

Apparently not everyone can taste the vile chemical hidden in cilantro that tastes not-dissimilar from soap or crushed stinkbugs. (and may verywell be the same chemical stinkbugs use) To those people who cannot detect the horrid flavour, it supposedly tastes quite the opposite, like “fresh rain”, or a really good parsley.

But to people like me who probably have 2 copies of a recessive gene, detecting even one leaf of cilantro in my food is PURE HELL!!! I’m not exaggerating. My tongue proceeds to feel numb most of the time, and even if not, the taste stays in my mouth for hours. Making it almost impossible to eat something else instead. It really ruins the whole mood, and usually the day.

I’m not the only one who feels this way. Apparently the famous (and rather ugly) chef Julia Child also said she would pick it out and throw it on the floor if anyone ever tried to feed it to her in a dish of food. And other people have blogged about it too.




oh, and here is a shirt designed by yours truly.  🙂 enjoy.


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