Somewhere i probably said i hate electronics. I’m sure i meant it at the time. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as that. I suppose i have a love/hate relationship with electronics. Somedays it’s fascinating, and other days quite the opposite. Anyway….. The arduino bug has bitten me again….

This time I’m diving deeper into Roboduino Land!! (I just bought me a $30 Chinese roboduino knockoff off ebay)


We will see if the quality is decent. I usually don’t buy known Chinese knockoffs, but i was never going to pay $50 for a roboduino!!!! In fact… I plan on making a simple robo-shield for converting regular arduino’s, as well as a robo-shield for an Arduino-Mega!!!

I think a roboduino-mega would be an awesome robot controller.

Will i loose interest in this project like my mosfet speed controller? …I dont think so, since it should be pretty easy compared to that, but only time will tell…  Wish me Luck!!

on a related note, i found these two cool projects/products:

EDIT: Okay, It finally arrived from Hong Kong. It seems to work just fine. Apparently the roboduino is designed, so that you have to use an external power supply to power the servos. Other than that, all i can say is that the Chinese soldering isn’t exactly professional, but within acceptable limits, and it obviously has not been cleaned with a rosin cleaner.

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