Hydra CNC mill

So, I’ve wanted a reprap for a while now. I’ve wanted a CNC router/mill for even longer. But, the reprap seems overkill maybe, and what i really want is a machine that could do both. *cue fancy music here*  TADA! I give you the Hydra-MMM CNC machine.

Okay, So I’m thinking about building one. It certainly is a nice looking machine. And it runs on an Arduino Mega. And the software is open source, and looks as good any professional gcode software i’ve ever used. And here’s the kicker… It has multi-headed tool support… which basically means you could have a RepRap plastic extruder on one, and a mill bit on the other. Or maybe a small mill bit on one, and a larger bit on the other.

I’m just thinking about it for now, but i will be sure to add more posts if i decide to build one.



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