collecting CNC parts

More CNC parts arrived in the mail today. I bought a bunch of T-Slot metal off of ebay for my custom CNC mill/router/repstrap. Hopefully it  will work out fine. I’ve never used T-slot metal before, so in a sense it was a blind purchase. I ordered 80/20 brand S 1010 t-slot bars in 2 foot lengths. I really only have room for a 2′ X 2′ sized CNC machine. It’s not super huge, but it should (if i can get it working) provide a fairly good sized work area.

T-slot metal

One problem with ordering 80/20 t-slot for the first time is that it turns out i ordered the wrong size i intended to. We had a large scrap piece of T-Slot that my dad scavenged from the HP or Agilent dumpster. I had assumed i was ordering the same size as that. …but somewhere in my mind i guess i also knew it was 1″ x 1″, and apparently i didn’t make the connection between the measurements and the actual size i was ordering.

one on the far right is 80/20 size 1010

So yeah, the one on the left is the piece of scrap we had that is probably 1.5″ x 1.5″, and the one on the right is the ones i ordered which are 80/20 brand, Size 1010 1″ x 1″.

makerbot stepper motors are super tiny!

I also ordered some electronics and “extra” stepper motors from Makerbot Industries. The ones they shipped are NEMA 17 size stepper motors. I had also assumed that they would be the same size as the other ones i already had. Boy was i surprised. They are even smaller than the others. I still might be able to use them though. I think i will actually try to build two CNC machines. A big one (my 2′ x 2′ one) and a smaller one. The smaller one should be a McWire Cartesian Bot. I like the McWire Cartesian design for a small repstrap, and hopefully i should already have enough unused arduino and stuff lying around that hopefully i can get two machines working.

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