Learning Esperanto from Youtube

I doubt many people visit my blog because of Esperanto, but perhaps a few do. For the rest, i assume you all are native English speakers like myself. I figure if you’ve been interested in the other stuff I’ve blogged about, then there is a chance you may be interested in learning Esperanto as well. If so, then enjoy these video’s from YouTube which have been designed to help Esperanto Learning from an Immersion style. If anyone would like more tips on how to learn Esperanto, let me know in the comments.

Pasporto al la Tuta Mondo


Mazi en Gondolando

These two films are pretty much the best there is available for Video based learning. I hope in the future more films like this will be produced. Anyway, hopefully these help and will encourage you, if you want to learn Esperanto.

One thought on “Learning Esperanto from Youtube

  1. Hi. I’m a language fanatic, but haven’t started seriously studying until recently. I’m a native English speaker and will be teaching myself Spanish (currently), Esperanto, German, French, Chinese, and Japanese, most of which I’ve dabbled in. I really want to get into Esperanto, and as Spanish was my first choice for economic/speed reasons rather than a more emotional reason (and hence if I damage my Spanish somehow, I can live with that), I will be starting a couple experiments doing Spanish and Esperanto together. If they don’t work out, I’ll be focusing on Esperanto only for its benefits. I’m B1 to B2 in Spanish right now, with the goal of sitting the C1 exam between January and March. As for Esperanto or Esperanto/Spanish simultaneously, any thoughts, ideas, techniques or resources (I know about lernu) you care to share will be greatly appreciated, especially concerning learning Esperanto itself.


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