DIY Taffy Machine – first test

EDIT 11-24-16: i have now revisited this project. You can read about it here and also find a link to updated design files:

Okay, so i may actually be finally getting back into hardware based projects. It’s been quite awhile hasn’t it. Well, i think i did need a break from it for awhile, but for the most part i think my tinkering spirit is back! I hereby present my latest project. My homemade DIY taffy puller machine!

Overall it’s actually a fairly simple design. I based some of it off of the one from MAKE magazine, and some off of another design posted on youtube and on the Internet. But my design is much simpler and smaller than those other two designs, and mine also requires less parts. In fact my design doesn’t even need the two gears in the front. In fact i have two motors that i could put on it if i ran one backwards.

I actually managed to draft some of it in SoldWorks which i think is petty cool, especially considering that I’m not interested in majoring in Engineering and have little interest in learning to draft either.

The design specs have been posted to my website:

Here are some of the files as well (updated 9-26-14):

Gear designed in Inkscape



bar3_round – Sheet3

gear – Sheet1

bar3_round – Sheet2 arm1_round – Sheet2 bar3_round – Sheet1 arm1_round – Sheet1

EDIT 11-24-16: i have now revisited this project. You can read about it here and also find a link to updated design files:


11 thoughts on “DIY Taffy Machine – first test

  1. Hi, I don’t know much about wordpress but I am working on a series of little movies to go with a biology textbook. I would love to be able to use some of your teosinte photos in my movies. Is that possible?

    • Hi Judy,

      Yeah that would be fine by me. Teosinte is a fascinating plant, with few photos available on the internet. I will try to email you directly, as i have a few more photos that i’m not sure if i posted here on my blog of several different varieties of teosinte.

  2. I am really interested in your model. We were looking at other ones, but thought they were too expensive even for parts. I tried to the link with your design specs, but couldn’t get to it. Is there another link?

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