3d printer custom motor mount prototype

3d printed 80/20 tslot stepper motor mount

Last week I printed out a prototype stepper motor mount for my 3d printer project. I modeled it in Solidworks (2007). This fits a 10 series 1″ 80/20 brand tslot extruded aluminum. This one had a few minor problems, but I think it will work anyway. I’ve updated my CAD model for when I print the other one. This will allow for two lead screws for the z-axis.

Steadily my 3D printer is coming together. I’m surprised at how many parts will be custom 3D printed parts. My goal is have the original reprap goal of striving for 90% able to replicate it’s own parts. If i’m able to get this design to work i should be able to 3D print the t-slot frame which is a huge chunk of it’s material and size! I’m not aware of many repraps being able to reproduce their own frame! …only time will tell…

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