So it seems that i have not updated my blog in quite awhile. Which is a shame really because a lot has happened and is still happening. Plenty of things people would find interesting. So rather than update you on everything I’ll plan on making little posts for each topic / update. (especially because i don’t have all my pictures on the computer yet).

For all you gardening / plant breeding enthusiast i will have a lot of interesting updates for you this year. Some interesting happenings include me working with a lab at Colorado State University. We are working hard to develop low cost open source soil sensors and a system for automatic garden / farm monitoring and irrigation use. VERY cool! I’ll probably put a post about that next!

For you 3d Printer enthusiasts i will have some interesting updates as well. I’ve got my new Prusa Mini on it’s way and should be delivered this week! In addition i have decided to fix / upgrade my half broken Lulzbot mini into a Lulzbot Mini 2 / Prusa Mini hybrid! I’ve already ordered the parts for a prusa mini flexible metal print bed to replace my broken glass print bed on my Lulzbot Mini. I will also be working to build my own Prusa i3 MK3S as well.

And for you computer, techie, and robotics enthusiasts you are in for a sneak peak of what i am doing at my day job. Should be a really treat. So stay tuned you guys. 🙂

As for Peas, Beans, and Gardening things: I have built myself 2 okay-ish raised beds here at the rental property. I’ve planted 8 rows of peas in half of the tall one, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, and purple basil in the other half.

10 plantings of watermelon / citron-watermelon hybrids (and one heirloom cantaloupe from texas Charley’s Pride Melon) in the short bed. And Purple Snow Peas and my Red Podded Peas and heirloom beans in the other tiny garden spot. I will be breeding the red podded peas (that don’t taste good but look great) with the purple snow peas that taste amazing. I also wanted to select the red podded peas that had the hyper-tendril (semi-leafless) as well so i planted my red podded peas in a root trainer. Sadly i see zero hyper-tendrils. So i will probably just have to select which plants look the healthiest and plant those.

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