Do you speak Esperanto?

Do you speak Esperanto?

So today i finally got around to 1. 3D printing a full Zamenhof statue. but also 2. finishing the Esperanto Scrabble Tiles for those who want to play a game of Skrablo with friends or those learning and practicing their Esperanto vocabulary (like i need to do).

That reminds me… my Esperanto is a bit rusty. I need to get back to practicing it. Maybe i should finally put in the effort to arrange a meeting for the local Esperanto group which so far has failed to meet in several years. hmm….. it seems when it comes to Esperanto, my head is a bit empty as well…



Google Can Now Translate Esperanto

Google Tradukas al Esperanto


I just learned from RadioVerda that GoogleTranslate can now translate Esperanto. This is great news. Google Translate has had the ability for a long time to be able to detect whether a page or a piece of text was written in Esperanto, but i always found it a bit strange (and sad) that it didn’t have that extra step to be able to translate too. English is far more complicated than Esperanto and Google Translate has worked well with English for ages.

Anyway, from reading the google translate blog it seems that while they are far from achieving perfect Esperanto translation, they were relatively surprised at how well their first attempt went and how accurate the translations were. Here’s what they had to say:

“Esperanto and Google Translate share the goal of helping people understand each other.

The Google Translate team was actually surprised about the high quality of machine translation for Esperanto. As we know from many experiments, more training data (which in our case means more existing translations) tends to yield better translations. For Esperanto, the number of existing translations is comparatively small. German or Spanish, for example, have more than 100 times the data; other languages on which we focus our research efforts have similar amounts of data as Esperanto but don’t achieve comparable quality yet. Esperanto was constructed such that it is easy to learn for humans, and this seems to help automatic translation as well.

Although the system is still far from perfect, we hope that our latest addition helps you to learn more about Esperanto’s history and culture.”


Google Nun Tradukas Esperanto

Mi nur lernis de RadioVerda ke GoogleTranslate povas nun traduki esperanto. Ĉi tiu estas granda novaĵo. Google Translate havis la kapablecon por longa tempo por povi detekti cxu paĝon aŭ pecon de teksto estis skribita en esperanto, sed mi ĉiam trovis ĝin iom stranga (kaj malĝoja) kiu ne havas tiun ekstran pecon al povos traduki tro. Angla estas multe pli komplika ol Esperanto kaj Google Translate laboris bone kun angla por longan tempon.

Jen kion ili devis diri:

“La celoj de Esperanto kaj Google-tradukoj koincidas, ĉar ambaŭ volas helpi homojn kompreni unu la alian, skribas Thorsten Brants, kiu afiŝis la blogaĵon.

La teamo de Google laŭ li estis surprizita de la bona kvalito, kiun jam eblas atingi per maŝina tradukado de Esperanto, konsiderante ke la kvanto de ekzistantaj tradukoj, sur kiuj Google povas bazi sian tradukalgoritmon, estas malgranda. Ekzemple por la germana aŭ hispana lingvo Google havas centoble pli da datumoj.

– Esperanto estis konstruita tiel ke ĝi estu facile lernebla por homoj, kaj tio ŝajnas helpi ankaŭ maŝintradukadon, Thorsten Brants skribas.”

Learning Esperanto from Youtube

I doubt many people visit my blog because of Esperanto, but perhaps a few do. For the rest, i assume you all are native English speakers like myself. I figure if you’ve been interested in the other stuff I’ve blogged about, then there is a chance you may be interested in learning Esperanto as well. If so, then enjoy these video’s from YouTube which have been designed to help Esperanto Learning from an Immersion style. If anyone would like more tips on how to learn Esperanto, let me know in the comments.

Pasporto al la Tuta Mondo


Mazi en Gondolando

These two films are pretty much the best there is available for Video based learning. I hope in the future more films like this will be produced. Anyway, hopefully these help and will encourage you, if you want to learn Esperanto.

Chemistry in Esperanto

 Kemio en Esperanto

Gxenerala, Organika kaj Biologia Kemio
Gxenerala, Organika kaj Biologia Kemio

Success! Well, okay… only a minor success, but still. I finally managed to track down a PDF copy of “General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry” in Esperanto (Gxenerala, Organika, kaj Biologia Kemio). Yes Finally! After months of trying to track it down on the internet. I finally contacted an Esperanto speaker in Columbia, who gave me a link to the only working torrent.

Sukceso! Bone, okaj… nur malgranda sukceso, sed ankoraŭ. Mi fine sukces ..mi trovis .PDF kopio de “Ĝenerala, Organika, kaj Biologia Kemio” en Esperanto (Gxenerala, Organika, kaj Biologia Kemio). Jes Fine! Post monatoj de provanta spuri ĝi en Interreto. Mi fine kontaktita Esperantoparolanton en Kolumbio, kiu donis min la korekto ligon por torento.

I originally found out about that book (Gxenerala, Organika, kaj Biologia Kemio) after doing a random search about the -ENZO suffix, and how it originated. That search led me to the reference to the translation of the book by the Chicago Esperanto Society. So, logically you would think that by contacting the Chicago Esperanto Society, would pave way to obtaining a copy…

sakarozo, glukozo kaj fruktozo
sakarozo (sukero - sukrozo), glukozo kaj fruktozo

…NOPE. They had never heard of it, nor had any copies. I’m not sure why it was so hard to track down, but alas i’m happy i found it. Now the work can continue on being able to translate Penumbra Overture into Esperanto. And eventually my original goal of translating the Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments into Esperanto as well. I’ve already translated the cover. It reads “La Valora Libro da Kemiaj Eksperimentoj”.

Valora Libro Da Kemiaj Eksperimentoj
La Valora Libro Da Kemiaj Eksperimentoj

I’m still not that great at Esperanto, and still haven’t learned enough about the grammar, but I’m getting better at as time goes on.

and here is an interesting demonstration about combustion in chemistry by Daniel Solomon.

Kaj tio estas interesa klarigo de bruligxo esperante en kemia fakultato de Varsovia Politekniko je 14/12/07 de Daniel Salomon.