XYZZY Motor Controller is born…

haha, okay. so I’m pretty confident that my open source speed controller design is pretty much finished. Maybe some minor tweaks in the future, but otherwise pretty good. Of course I could have made some huge electronics mistake when i was designing it, but i dont know for sure. I guess i will just have to test it out, and figure out how to program the arduino code for it.

Too bad i didn’t finish adding reverse voltage protection, or a current sensing. Although i did add an I2C port, so a current sensing circuit could be added on later i suppose….

XYZZY Motor Controller - Top Board
XYZZY Motor Controller - Bottom Board

anyway, yeah. Just a Eagle CAD design right now, but i hope soon i will actually have a real one in my hands to tinker with. It would be even cooler if someone like SparkFun Electronics used my design to make a commercial version. I think it would do well with the annual sparkfun autonomous vehicle competition’s they hold. here is the forum to follow any new progress…

EDIT: …The design is supposed to use N-channel mosfets… but…in eagle cad i thought i used an N-channel (it even it said it was), but it turns out it was a P-channel. So, my prototype v.0.1 or whatever doesn’t work at all. Anyway.. i fixed it now.

Edit #2: /successful-xyzzy-motor-controller-prototype/

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